BOQ Preparation & Estimation

Excel-QS provides comprehensive BOQ preparation and estimation services to clients across various industries. Our team of experienced professionals uses advanced software and industry knowledge to ensure accurate and reliable BOQ preparation and cost estimates for construction projects. We prepare detailed BOQs for construction projects, which include all the materials, labour, and equipment required for the project. Our BOQs are accurate, detailed, and transparent, allowing clients to understand the cost breakdown of the project. Our team of quantity surveyors is experienced in accurately measuring and estimating quantities in accordance with the various international standard method of measurements such as SMM7, NRM2, CESSM4, POMI, QSMM, SLS573, etc. We use the latest technology to ensure precise measurements, resulting in accurate cost estimates. At Excel-QS, we pride ourselves on providing accurate, reliable, and cost-effective BOQ preparation and estimation services.

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